About Us

JEM FOREST MANAGEMENT is a privately owned company which is located in Ohio. Our company is recognized as one of the leaders when it comes to forest management and buying standing timber.

We are buyers of veneer and quality standing timber with forest management being our main goal for a better healthier environment. With having markets world wide, our logs are sent to companies who specialize in certain species. We buy timber year round to fill our markets.

We buy all of our standing timber on a lump sum sale. In a lump sum sale, we base our price on the volume and quality of the described timber sale. This assures the seller does not see his trees leaving his property not knowing whether they will ever receive payment. The advantage of this is we pay the seller the whole agreed dollar amount before any trees are harvested.

All of our timber sales are purchased using a written agreement. Our sale agreement is a clear description of the timber, method of payment, duration of the agreement, harvesting standards, and responsibility to ensure environmental issues are respected.

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